Important Information for Free Solar Customers with a roof lease in the name of S.E. Solar (1) Limited

We have appointed Anesco Limited as our operation & maintenance partner for our free solar portfolio. If you are experiencing any problems with your system please call Anesco direct on 01189 702525


Anesco also have an in-house legal team who will be able to help with any queries that may arise when you sell or remortgage your property and they can be contacted on 01189 702512 

Service you can trust

Street Energy has had a long track record of providing energy saving improvements to homeowners.

Since 2002, Street Energy has installed over 450 residential solar PV systems and has completed over 70,000 domestic energy efficiency installations.

In recent years Street Energy has become involved with the development of large-scale solar parks that generate significant amounts of renewable electricity and provide an attractive diversification for farmers and landowners.